Artificial reefs on the Baltic coast off Mecklenburg

Under the project management of the Institute of Fisheries at the State Research Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries MV (LFA), 2 artificial reefs have been constructed off the coast of Mecklenburg so far. The development of fauna and flora, especially their influence on cod recruitment, is scientifically accompanied by a network of different research institutions ( in the form of a monitoring programme. bioplan was commissioned by the LFA to describe the artificial reef structures using marine invertebrates. In addition to the pure monitoring tasks, many individual aspects such as material and shape optimisation of the structures, time of development and speed of development of individual species, especially of mussels, and attempts to describe material and energetic relationships of the various colonisation components were investigated and documented over the years. The results are presented in the reports that have been produced regularly since 2006.

Research reports/documentation